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Raise your voice and protest peacefully with our “BLACK FLAGS MATTER” Black Rights Flag. This two-sided reading We Matter Flag comes in dimensions of either 3*5 or 5*8 and is adjustable to the flagpole of your choice. The fabric is of premium quality polyester with bold colors. It is an excellent choice if you wish to discreetly, yet loudly, stand your ground and help our “Black Flags Matter 2U Movement” grow Larger and Stronger.

On this, Black Rights Flag appears as the most important milestone in our Black Lives’ history. The events and dates changed the route of our fate and worked as a step forward to raise awareness regarding our rights and the equality we, as human beings, deserve.

The most significant institutions established to support our rights also appear. Speak up. Claim your rights. Stop racism.

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3 x 5… $59.99, 5 x 8… $99.99


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